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Chicago Aerial Tours

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Airplane Tour:
$289.00 - $279.00
3rd Person AddOn:
+ $100.00
Coupon Discount:
- $88.00
Total for 3 people:
$97.00 per person
Chicago Tours

We have been providing tours for over a decade and we can definitely say that our Chicago Night Tour is the most popular!

You can search and reserve a night tour by selecting your preferred dates from the box at the right. -------------------->
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Details on the Chicago Tour Flight.

The beautiful skyline of Chicago is breathtaking and rated one of the 10 most spectacular skylines of the world. Chicago Aerial Tours now offers an exhilarating aerial tour of the Chicago skyline. Within moments of taking off you see the awe inspiring view.

Both day and evening tours are available, each offering entirely different but equally exciting experiences of the best Chicago has to offer. Taking off from the world class Chicago Midway Airport, you will see Soldier Field, along with the lakefront and museum campus while you get ever closer to the towering giants of the city. This magical experience will take you to a whole new world.


We offer both airplane and helicopter tours. Which one is right for you? Airplane or Helicopter?







Helicopter tour flight.

Flight Conditions

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Aviation Weather Report
Midway (KMDW)

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  You can find this form at:
Just fill in KMDW there, or here.

Weather Education: Aviation weather reports are more detailed than what you would see on or "The Weather Channel"

<--- To the left you will see a pre-filled form, just click Submit. This is an aviation weather report provided by, it's what we use.

To have favorable flying conditions we need to have more then:

2500 ft cloud ceiling - (The Sears Tower is 2325 ft msl)
5 miles visibility - (At five miles visibility it would be hard to see past the Sears Tower if we were over Navy Pier.