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Just imagine for a moment, the sun is setting and the sky is a million different colors. You see the majestic Chicago skyline in the distance. You are airborne climbing above the trees and rooftops of the city. You look down and see the hustle and bustle of the metropolis below as you soar through the air peacefully above. You're so close to Chicago's iron giants, you feel like you can touch the top of the Sears Tower with your fingertips. Your pilot takes you along the shoreline as you float over Soldier Field and Navy Pier. The lights of the city begin to twinkle below you and stars shine around you.  This is truly a VIP experience of the Windy City.

Chicago Flight Schools - 1st Official Flight Lesson
Official 1st Flight Lesson
Sku: fly101
Id: 2588
Price: $297.00
Tour Gift
Sku: tourgift2
Id: 2599
Price: $167.00
Airplane Private Tour
Sku: airplane123d
Id: 2600
Price: $167.00
Helicopter Tour
Sku: helicopter123
Id: 2602
Price: $267.00

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  • Chicago by Air Tours are limited to VFR Conditions. VFR = Visual Flight Rules in order for VFR conditions to exist there must be more than 3 miles visibility and cloud ceiling greater than 1000ft above ground level.
  • The Pilot makes the final decision if the flight conditions are safe for flight.
  • Flight are regulated by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) 14 CFR FAR Part 91
  • Weight restrictions apply as described by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)