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Tour as a Gift - Airplane or Helicopter

You can purchase a tour as a gift. Once you click on Add to Cart button above a page will appear where you can customize the gift. You will be able to select from airplane to helicopter and adjust the appropriate options.

Great Chicago Gifts - Need a special unique gift with a Chicago Theme - Chicago Air Tour as a Gift - Buy Online and have a gift in minutes. The Chicago gift certificate is the same as our scheduled flight tours, you will have the option to customize the gift certificate and select which tour you would like. Approximate time in airplane from engine start to engine shutdown varies, it is approximately anywhere from 30 minutes to 55 minutes and sometimes more than 55 minutes. This includes ground taxi, engine run up, takeoff, actual flight time, landing, taxi back to terminal parking, and air traffic control deviations! Helicopters can accommodate more than two passengers, sometimes we will place more passengers on your flight. If you would like to make your flight private, and exclusive to you and your significant other you can select to make that flight private on the add to cart page.The HELICOPTER flight approximately 30 minutes of flight time.

Strict weight limits apply, 250LBS max per seat and total total 450LBS passenger weights per flight!
DO NOT RUN LATE! You must be there 20-30 minutes before your flight!