Tour of Chicago

Downtown Deluxe - Private Airplane Tour

Chicago Midway Airport - Executive Terminal

This is the most popular and most sold tour. The advantage of the airplane over the helicopter is the cost effectiveness. Helicopters burn more fuel and cost more to operate that is the only reason the helicopter cost almost double the price.

The deluxe airplane tour is always guaranteed private.

The approximate flight time and path varies. You can see an approximate flight map of the path we take on the left.


A scenic flight around downtown Chicago in an airplane at 3000 feet and slow enough to observe the lights and details of our beautiful city. The flight will depart from the executive terminal of Chicago Midway Airport. After takeoff the pilot will turn East toward the lakeshore and within minutes you will be experiencing THE most unique view of the Chicago Skyline. Whether you are a Chicago native or a tourist visiting Chicago for the first time, this is an experience not to be missed.